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Volume I - Terra Australis
Chapter I - Finders aren't keepers | [II] [III]

Thanks for taking the time to read the start of my little comic.

Who is that dragging Wind away from that explosion? Why was wind fighting with those ugly looking blokes and most importantly what does this keystone do? You will know the answer to this and many more questions soon as I’m working as fast as I can : ).

A little bit about these pages.

The opening shots (panels) on this page represent from the limited research[1] I have been able to find the best guess of what the Australian Alps will look like if they are exposed to the harshest predictions of climate change.

The diverse alpine landscape looks to be replaced with more mono culture as the lowest point of the snowline recedes and potentially disappears altogether.

Sod Tussock and heath bush look to take over vast swaths of this beautiful environment as it continues to dry out, exposing itself to greater chances of bushfire and the loss of eucalyptus and bogs.

My story envisions that snow resort operators rely more heavily on snow makers to create artificial snow, pumping more and more salt in the local environment. When wind comes to travel across this environment there is dead zones, created from the high levels of salinity. Nothing grows or survives in these areas. But this is country Wind is familiar with, having lived in and around Tayan[2] (what used to be the Kosciusko national park) since his birth.

“Crossing over” will be explored in more depth but for now it is sufficient to know that it is huge pollution clouds that cover most of the planet.

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More to come in the coming weeks/months/years.

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  1. Garnaut Climate Change Review: Impact of climate change on Australia's alpine areas
  2. Multiple distortions: the story of an Australian place name, Transient Langauges and Culture, University of Sydney Blog


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